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Multifloral Honey

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Native Multifloral Honey - Export Grade
Authentic Raw Native Multifloral Honey of New Zealand
Bulk Product supplied in increments of 500Kg

Smooth aromatic native bush honey has a rich, buttery texture with earthy, herbal overtones and a rich caramel finish.

Native Multifloral Honey is crafted by bees collecting nectar from multiple unique and renowned native floral sources including Kāmahi, Mānuka, Kānuka, Pōhutukawa, and RewaRewa. Native floral sources vary with each harvest depending on season and the native forests in flower when the nectar is collected. Consistently delicious, this raw honey is sourced from wild, native forests endemic to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Harvested by hand with minimal processing at temperatures below 48° C (118° F) to ensure its raw, natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are kept intact.


Includes Order Processing and FOB Delivery to Vessel at Port of Origin in New Zealand

Bulk Manuka Honey (MGO) & Varietals packed in drum on pallet: 2-4 weeks

Multifloral Honey



What is Mānuka honey?

Mānuka honey is a rich, creamy and often dark honey produced by bees from the nectar of flowers of the Mānuka tree. It contains unique antioxidants, prebiotics and an antibacterial compound called Methylglyoxal (MGO).

What does MGO mean?

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the unique naturally occurring antibacterial compound in Mānuka honey.

Higher MGO values indicate higher antibacterial activity, it also indicates higher levels of other active, beneficial compounds in the Mānuka honey. In simple terms, the higher the MGO, the higher the potency of Mānuka honey.

What are the benefits of Mānuka honey?

Mānuka honey contains a wide range of nutrients to help maintain daily wellness and vitality, and support optimal digestive and immune health. You can enjoy this superfood directly from the spoon, or pairedd with your favorite food or beverage for healthy indulgence.

Where does your Mānuka honey come from?

All of our Mānuka Honey is from New Zealand. We source our product directly from beekeepers in East Cape, Northland and Central North Island. These areas are renowned for producing the most bioactive Mānuka nectar in the world.

Is your Mānuka honey pasteurised?

Our raw Mānuka honey is not pasteurised.

How is Mānuka honey different to local honey?

We are big supporters of local honey and all of the benefits that it can bring, however, Mānuka honey is very different, and unique to New Zealand. It has extremely high levels of bioactive compounds (including MGO, Leptosperin and oligosaccharides).

These have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties not found in any other honeys. Many of our customers choose to have both local honey and Mānuka honey in their households, as they serve different purposes.

What format is your Mānuka honey in?

Our Mānuka honey is raw to maintain it’s healing and health properties and comes as a creamed, liquid form.

How do I use Mānuka honey?

There are many different ways to enjoy Mānuka Honey, including eating the honey straight from the spoon, adding it to drinks such as teas and smoothies, applying topically, or adding it to your favorite food.

What Mānuka honey is best for face and skin treatments?

The higher the MGO level the more potent the honey. For skin treatments and cosmetic applications we recommend our more potent and bioactive Mānuka honey MGO 830+ or MGO 1000+