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Zoom Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+

Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+

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This pure Mānuka Essential Oil contains bioactive β-Triketones with soothing antiseptic properties. Apply topically to clean wounds, treat dry, itchy skin including dandruff, insect bites and stings, chafing, minor grazes and infections.

Mānuka Oil (100% pure, not blended)
Certified: 10%+ β-Triketone content (bioactive)
Origin: East Cape, Aoteroa New Zealand
Independently Tested
Steam Distilled in Water

9 x 15ml (1/2 oz) Glass Dripper Bottles
Individual units with outer packaging
Retail ready

Product Info

Botanical Name:
Leptospermum Scoparium Branch and Leaf Oil

Country Of Origin:

New Zealand

Leptospermum Scoparium Branch / Leaf Oil

HS Code:

UN Code:


Part of Plant Used:
Aerial leaf & branchlets

Packaging Quantity Available (Kg):
1, 5, 20

Shelf Life:
4 years from Production date

Extraction Method:
Steam Distillation (using water only)

Farming Method:
Plantations, wild harvested


Product Characteristics

Clear, yellow, slightly viscous oil

Powerfully diffusive, fresh, herbaceous aroma with a distinctive tangy green sweetness

Physical and Chemical properties:

Moisture Content:
No visible water content at 20°C

Relative Density at 20°C:
0.945 ± 0.005

Refractive Index at 20°C:
1.505 ± 0.0005

Flash Point: 95°- 105°C

Water Solubility:
42.3 mg/l

Product Lead Times

RaKiwi Mānuka Oil packed in stainless bottles/drums: 3-6 weeks

Includes Order Processing, Batch Analysis, Certification & Air Freight to Destination.
Packed in Sealed Aluminium Flasks.
Labels and SDS in English and German.

FOB – Free on Board
CFR – Cost and Freight
CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight
DAP - Delivered At Place

Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+



What makes East Cape Mānuka Oil unique?

East Cape Manuka trees have a evolved a High Triketone chemotype producing naturally high βeta-Triketone levels which have powerful anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

East Cape Mānuka Oil is 30 times more powerful than Tea Tree oil (Cooke & Cooke,1994), and more powerful than Mānuka honey against bacteria that cause common skin infections (Girma et al., 2019 and TPL).

How is RaKiwi Mānuka Oil produced?

Mānuka leaves and twigs are harvested from plantations and wild using customised equipment.

Steam distillation process is applied to extract the Mānuka oil, and steam condensation separate the oil from the hydrosol (water with other manuka compounds).1 Tonne of foliage produces approximately 3 - 4 litres of Mānuka Oil.

Mānuka oil is tested by independent laboratories, then packed in batches based on respective triketone levels, ready for export.