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Pōhutukawa Honey

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Pōhutukawa Honey - Export Grade
Authentic Raw Pōhutukawa Honey of New Zealand
Bulk Product supplied in increments of 500Kg

Creamy off-white in colour, with a smooth texture and clean, floral taste of sea salt and butterscotch.

Pōhutukawa honey is rare and unique to Aotearoa- New Zealand. Pōhutukawa is an extremely hardy tree capable of living over 1000 years. These magnificent natives adorn the coastlines and produce a brilliant display of crimson-blood red flowers for a brief flowering period in December. Often straddling rocks on limestone cliffs overhanging the South Pacific Ocean, where their aerial roots loft in the coastal sea breeze absorbing moisture and ozone.

Harvested by hand with minimal processing at temperatures below 48° C (118° F) to ensure its raw, natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are kept intact.



FOB (Free On Board)

Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer on board the vessel nominated by the Buyer, cleared for export, at the named wharf/seaport/airport of shipment. From that point, the Buyer bears costs and risks of loss or damage.

SEAFREIGHT  (Port of Origin) 

Duration: 4-6 weeks dependent on Port of Destination)
Port of Tauranga, New Zealand    

Port of Auckland, New Zealand

AIRFREIGHT (Port of Origin)
Auckland Airport, New Zealand

Production Lead Times

Includes Order Processing and FOB Delivery to Vessel at Port of Origin in New Zealand

Bulk Manuka Honey (MGO) & Varietals 
packed in drum on pallet: 2-4 weeks

Pōhutukawa Honey